JJJJJ.us URL Shortener
  • Url Shortening! (duh.)
  • Short-url previewing. Just append a dot (.) to the short-url for info like this: http://jjjjj.us/1.
  • Archiving content to the shortening server. This is handy for capturing pages that are likely to change before the intended audience can view the page. This captures only the base page returned and does not include any graphics, scripts, flash, etc. Capturing sub-elements of a page has been considered, but is not being actively pursued at this time.
  • Archive content as a screen shot. In this mode, the target page is rendered by a browser and a screenshot of the resulting content is saved to the shortening server as an image. Unfortunately, this does not yet capture rendered flash elements. (Currently turned off until efficiency can be improved or I can afford to throw more hardware at it.)
  • jPic - Accept, convert, host photos and post to Twitter with a short url tweet.