JJJJJ.us URL Shortener
"If it ain't broke, tweak it."
The following is a disorganized list of my development of the url shortener that was pulled straight off my notes in my code and pasted in there. It's here as a look at what the progam does, and what I'd like it to do in the future. Some of these items that are in the works are also the reason why I am keeping it private for now - I'd really prefer it were as secure as I could make it before I launched it out on the web. Besides, my bandwidth bill is big enough.
  • Convert url's to base62 numbers
  • Accept submissons via posted form
  • Accept submissions via get for javascript button
  • Authenticate to keep it semi-private
  • Remember authentication via cookies
  • Track url submissions, clicks, previews
  • Allow short url's to be previewed
  • Create a short url previewer form on the main page
  • Integrate into other apps like twitter clients
  • Make a url submission button for web browsers
  • Allow archiving of content by storing the content rather than linking
  • Allow screenshotting of content by rendering to a graphic rather than linking
  • Allow short urls to be flagged as bad / inappropriate / etc on preview page
  • Create self-destructing short url's as an advanced feature
  • Create advanced short url request form for all the goodies
  • Add custom shorturl option http://jjjjj.us/whatever
  • Crawl for dead/bad links on occasion and remove from main table?
  • Validate url's before shortening
  • Stats page - because data is always interesting if you have enough of it
  • Make it slightly better looking ...maybe
  • Save archives and screenshots to a file rather than storing in the data store
  • Set up a faster / optimized data store
  • Integrate virus / malware / hostile page checking
  • Improve screenshot performance or add hardware
  • Add photo uploading feature that works from my phone and tweets it (like TwitPic)
  • Add duplicate photo checks to prevent the occasional double-tweet
  • Add the jPic feature to the main web form
  • Add maintenance notification redirects. Add OAuth authentication for jPic Tweeting